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If you are travelling to Pakistan on a British passport, you require a visa. Your passport has to be valid for a minimum of 6 months. Visa violations can be treated as a criminal offence.

Journalists' visas often have additional travel restrictions, which should be observed.

To facilitate travel to and staying in Pakistan for foreign businesspersons and investors, business visa policies have been considerably relaxed. The bona fide businesspersons and investors from the countries listed in Table 34, which include all EU Member States, can be issued business visa of up to 3 years with multiple entries by Pakistan Missions abroad.

Table 34: List of 45 countries with substantial investment in Pakistan
1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Bahrain
4. Belgium
5. Brunei
6. Canada
7. China
8. Czech Republic
9. Denmark
10. Finland
11. France
12. Germany
13. Greece
14. Hong Kong
15. Hungary
16. Indonesia
17. Iceland
18. Iran
19. Ireland
20. Italy
21. Japan
22. Kuwait
23. Luxembourg
24. Malaysia
25. Netherlands
26. New Zealand
27. Norway
28. Oman
29. Poland
30. Portugal
31. Qatar
32. Russian Federation
33. Saudi Arabia
34. Singapore
35. Slovakia
36. South Africa
37. South Korea
38. Spain
39. Sweden
40. Switzerland
41. Thailand
42. Turkey
42. U.A.E.
44. United Kingdom
45. USA

Note: The facility of landing permits has been suspended temporarily and all foreigners are required to obtain prior propervisa from Pakistan Missions abroad.

Pakistani industrialists and businesspersons interested to invite foreign entrepreneurs from countries other than those listed, for promotion of trade and industrial co-operation, are allowed to sponsor, on their own guarantee, the granting of a business visa for one month through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Islamabad, and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. They may apply to the Ministry of Interior for business visa.


General Requirements (for all visas)

For all types of visas, please submit the following:

  • Duly filled Visa Form
  • Original passport (valid for at least six months) along with its photocopy
  • Two recent passport size photographs (with white background)
  • Any other document(s) that can be helpful in obtaining a visa

For additional requirements please see the details of required Visa category.

Please note that Visa is valid for the period mentioned in the visa sticker, which is calculated from the date of issue. The period of stay is counted from the date of entry into Pakistan.

 To download the Visa Form please click here


Establishment of Facilitation Desks at International Airports for Issuance of Visa on Arrival to Businessmen/Investors

The Government of Pakistan has decided to grant visa to genuine foreign businessmen / investors from many countries including United Kingdom, on arrival non-reporting for 30 days on production of any of the following documents:

i) Recommendatory letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CC&I) of the respective country of visitor.

ii)Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization / Association in Pakistan.

iii)Recommendatory letter by investment Consular of Board of Investment posted at Pakistan Mission abroad.

" Visa Facilitation Desks" extending facility of Visa on Arrival to businessmen / investors, have started functioning at International Airports of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar with effect from 1st February, 2005.


Visit/Tourist Visa

If the Visa Officer is satisfied about the purpose of a visit an appropriate visa is issued to a visitor or a tourist holding a British Passport.

Single entry: £40.80
Double entry: £54.80
Multiple entries: £74.80


To download the Visa Form please click here

Family Visa

A single, Double or Multiple entry visa is issued to British passport holders for a family visit to Pakistan.

Concession in fee for dual Pakistani Nationals

For dual nationals holding British passport with a valid / expired Pakistani passport, a fee concession is available on the Single Entry Visa only. Concessional fees (for these dual nationals) are as following:

Age 18 years and above: £20.80
Age below 18 years: £10.80


To download the Visa Form please click here

Eligibility for concession:

To claim the concession in fee, the applicant must provide a valid / expired Pakistani passport and its photocopy.

For applicants whose parents hold Pakistani passport can get the same concession. To get the concession the following additional documents are required:

  • Original detailed birth certificate with a photocopy
  • Parent's Pakistani passport and its photocopy.
  • Note: The denounced nationality passport will not be accepted.

Business Visa

For business visa, applicant has to submit the following documents

  • Company letter (UK based)
  • An invitation letter from Pakistan with other supporting documents.
  • Following are the three categories of Business Visa with respective fee:-
Single Entry £60.80
Double Entry £81.80
Multiple Entry (one year) £111.80


To download the Visa Form please click here

Work and Student Visa

This type of visa requires two to three months to process. Following documents are required for Work and Student visa:-

  • Job offer letter / letter from Board of Investment;
  • University / College / School acceptance letter;
  • Other supporting documents will be required to obtain this visa.

To download the Visa Form please click here


Journalist Visa

A request for visa for media professionals is to be routed through the Information Division of the High Commission for Pakistan.

Click the link below for Journalist Visa details: 
Journalist Visa details

To download the Visa Form please click here

Pilgrim Visa

A pilgrim visa is issued to those who wish to visit holy places (Shrines/Gurdawaras) in Pakistan. It is allowed to groups of pilgrims and is normally restricted for a specified period. The pilgrim visa is essentially for single entry. Two months notice is needed for such applications.

Fee Single entry only: £40.80

To download the Visa Form please click here

Diplomatic and official Visa

Diplomatic and official visas are issued free of charge to those who are visiting Pakistan on an official assignment/tenure of posting. A note verbale from the FCO would be required. Applicants or their couriers, in such cases, should contact the specified visa officer at the High Commission.

To download the Visa Form please click here

Visas for Non-UK citizens

Applicants holding passports other than British passport should provide proof of residential status in the UK. Their passport must contain the appropriate entry. Alternatively, a utility bill (Electricity, Gas or Water) or Bank Statement in applicant's name may suffice. Those who have no evidence of stay here in the UK should apply for visa in their country of origin.

Transit Visa

Transit visa is issued to those who are travelling to other countries through Pakistan. Applicants should produce the original ticket up to the country of final destination. Transit visa will not carry duration of stay of more than 72 hours.


Visa is liable to be cancelled if information requested in the form is withheld or found to be incorrect.

British nationals not resident in UK should apply for Visa in their respective countries of residence.

Other national should apply for visa from their countries of origin.

Visitors to UK are not entertained for grant of Visas.

Visa is usually given on the same day. Delays, however, can occur due to circumstances beyond the High Commission's control, especially where a reference has to be made to Pakistan.


Visa fee is subject to periodical revision without notice.

Visa fee is charged per person and not per passport. If children are endorsed in the passport additional fee will be charged.

Fee is only payable in cash or postal order made out in the name of the High Commission for Pakistan.

Personal cheques are not accepted

Visa fee is not refundable even if visa is refused.

Note: All fee mentioned above are inclusive of a £0.80 additional bank surcharge per application for visa/passport being charged at all Pakistan Consulates including London.

Source: High Commission of Pakistan London

To download the Visa Form please click here



40 Lowndes Square


Consulate of Pakistan
Unique House
Napier Terrace
Off Leeds Road

Vice Consulate of Pakistan
2/26, Constituion Hill
B19 3HL

Vice Consulate of Pakistan
137 Norfolk Street
G5 9EA

Consulate General of Pakistan
Pakistan House
137 Dickenson Road,
M14 5JB


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