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Hindu Religious Holidays

Name of holiday Description Date Day
Makar Sankrant Makar Sankrant is the first Hindu festival of the solar calendar year, falling around January 14. It falls at a time when the Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Makar (Capricorn) and when the day and night are of equal duration. Days become longer from this point on so it is a time for celebration. 14-January Saturday
Vasant Panchami Dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of learning and Brahma's wife. The festival marks the beginning of Spring. 2-February Thursday
Mahashivratri Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to Shiva, one of the deities of the Hindu Trinity. 26-February Sunday
Bikarami Samvat - Varsha-Pratipada The Hindu Spring New Year celebrated particularly in South India. Diwali, another Hindu New Year, is the more popular in the UK. 13-March Monday
Holi The Hindu spring festival. 14-March Tuesday
Rama Navami Birthday of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu and the hero of the Ramayana 6-April Thursday
Hanuman Jayanti This festival marks the birth of Hanuman, the Monkey God. 13-April Thursday
Raksha Bandhan Raksha Bandhan is the Hindu festival that celebrates brotherhood and love. "Raksha Bandhan" means a thread for protection. 4-August Friday
Janmashtami - Krishna Jayanti The Janamashtami festival marks the birth of Krishna, the most highly venerated God in the Hindu pantheon. 16-August Wednesday
Ganesh Chaturthi Hindus celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed God. 27-August Sunday
Navaratri (start) Navaratri (nine nights) symbolises the triumph of good over evil and marks the start of autumn. 23-September Saturday
Dussera Celebrates Lord Rama's victory over the evil demon Ravana. 2-October Monday
Diwali The Hindu festival of lights, which extends over five days. Because of the lights, fireworks, and sweets involved it's a great favourite with children. Also shared by Sikhs and Jains. 21-October Saturday

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