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Asia Invest

The Asia-Invest Programme 2006-2007 is an initiative by the European Commission to promote and support business co-operation between the EU and Asia. The programme was launched in 1998 and aims to promote the internationalisation of European and Asia small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For the period 2006-2007 it will continue to support the exchange of experience, networking and matchmaking among European and Asian business organisations to promote the greater integration of European and Asian companies and the transfer of know-how and technology between the two regions.

This is achieved by supporting multilateral partnership projects between intermediary business organisations in the European Union and South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia. With its Asia-wide approach, the programme will serve to bring European and Asian operators together to help them benefit from trade and economic liberalisation. The Commission has provided €20 million to implement a new phase of the Asia-Invest Programme for 2006-2007. This follows previous commitments of €67 million.

Asia Invest

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