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Regeneration Zone - Implementation Plan 2006/2009 - a report from Future Foundations

Our 2006/09 Zone Implementation Plan (ZIP) sets the scene for an exciting new period, as we begin work with the Black Country Consortium to address the challenges and deliver on the aspirations set out in the Black Country Study. The Zone has now been in operation for three years and our experience over this time will help inform and guide us over the lifetime of this ZIP. The secretariat will continue to focus on addressing the challenges to 'delivery', especially as we look to contribute to major transformational change across the Zone, process skills and partner engagement will be crucial.




Rural Regeneration Zone - Zone Implementation Plan 2006-2009 - a report from Rural Regeneration Zone

Over the next three years, the Rural Regeneration Zone will be improving the economy and quality of life for those that live in the rural west of our region.

The funding will come at a critical time for many. Rural areas face many unique challenges and it is up to the Rural Regeneration Zone to rise to these challenges and to find long-term and sustainable solutions to promote economic prosperity.



Forecasts for the UK Economy - A comparison of independent forecasts - a report from HM Treasury - September 2006

Please note that Forecasts for the UK Economy is a summary of published material reflecting the views of the forecasting organisations themselves and does not in any way provide new information on the Treasury's own views. It contains only a selection of forecasters, which is subject to review. No significance should be attached to the inclusion or exclusion of any particular forecasting organisation. HM Treasury accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of material published in this comparison.

The averages and ranges in this document may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium providing that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context. The data remain the copyright of those organizations providing it - permission to reproduce it must be sought from both HM Treasury and the providers of the original data.



UK Economic Outlook - a report from PriceWaterHouseCoopers - July 2006

UK GDP growth is projected in our main scenario to pick up gradually from an estimated 1.9% in 2005 to around 2.25% in 2006 and 2.5% in 2007.

Consumer spending growth is expected to remain somewhat below trend at an average of around 2% in 2006 and 2.25% in 2007, as consumers remain cautious in the face of high household debt levels and a gently rising trend in unemployment. Public spending growth will also slow over the next two years. Net exports should have a broadly neutral effect on GDP in 2006-7, in contrast to their generally negative impact on GDP growth in the period since 1996.



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India:Rupee gains 20 paise vs dollar; Sensex up 126 points.


Pakistan:Pakistan welcomes IMF $6.7bn lifeline

Sri Lanka:LankaClear posts Rs 189 m PAT


Bangladesh:GDP growth rises to 6.18pc, per capita income $ 1044 

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