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What UKTI is

UK Trade & Investment is the Government organisation that supports companies in the UK doing business internationally and overseas enterprises seeking to set up or expand in the UK.

With commercial teams based in offices around the world, and a network of specialists throughout the UK, we are uniquely positioned to help your business across national boundaries.

Whether you are venturing into selling overseas for the first time, or a experienced exporter trying to break into new markets, our advice, information and support will provide you with a significant advantage when doing business internationally.

Wherever in the world you want to sell your goods and services UK Trade & Investment can be your personal international trade specialists; helping you gain the necessary skills, identify the best opportunities, make the right introductions, and then help you turn them into real business.

UK Trade & Investment offers three main areas of help for British companies:

Tailored, experienced, impartial advice and training to new and inexperienced exporters, maximising their chances of sustained success overseas.

Essential, unique and trusted information from our commercial staff overseas, helping companies make the most informed and profitable business decisions.

To be a successful exporter you need to travel overseas and build lasting commercial relationships with your clients and partners.

We provide practical assistance before you go, and ongoing help, reassurance and introductions whilst you`re there.

To find out more about how UK Trade & Investment can help your business visit

UK Trade & Investment

or call +44(0)20 7215 8000

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