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Information and Communication Technologies Sector Reviews


Definition and scale of sector

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

ICT Sector review from BOI Sri Lanka

Why Invest in IT in Sri Lanka?

  1. Increasing resource pool of skilled IT labour force
  2. Average annual salary for software professionals in Sri Lanka is approximately 10% of the average US rate
  3. Software exports have been growing at a compound annual rate of 45%
  4. In 2000, total value of software exports was approximately US$ 58 million - this is the total value of India's software exports 10 years ago
  5. Per Capita GDP is presently US$ 900 - the highest in South Asia
  6. Literacy rate is 92% - the highest in South Asia and second highest in Asia
  7. Advanced infrastructure facilities in Telecommunications, Ports, Airports,Logistics

In Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) country forecasts for Business Environment, Sri Lanka is ranked at #42 globally and #11 regionally, ahead of India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan

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