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Information and Communication Technologies Introduction


Definition and scale of sector

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

Sector review from FCO Pakistan

With perhaps every global IT company in the world having a presence in Pakistan, and with revenues growing by 30-40% year on year, the IT industry is probably the most exciting and dynamic sector in the country today. An industry characterized by about 60,000 professionals, major ongoing IT projects within government and the private sector to the tune of hundreds of millions of US dollars, and world class software product and services companies bears testimony to the vibrancy of the IT and IT enabled services sector in Pakistan.

The convergence of communications, computing, and entertainment has resulted in the blurring of boundaries between disciplines and IT companies now come in all shapes and sizes. IT has indeed been taken out of the closet and has been mainstreamed into every aspect of industrial and economic activity within the country.

Sector review from the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)

Information Technology (IT) has assumed unprecedented importance in the global economy. The stormy pace of developments in information technology has forced the governments all over the world to plan and implement strategies at quicker pace. Realizing abruptness of the new technology, which is changing the way we communicate, do business and think; Pakistan Government has accorded a very high priority to this sector. The windows of opportunity opened through Internet commerce has been taken as a challenge. IT is one of the key determinants of competitiveness and growth of organized and unorganized sectors of the economy. In response to the government's policy, the per capita internet prevalence is growing in geometrical progression. The internet usage is growing at more than 50 percent per annum and has progressed from 0.011

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