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Food and Drink Sector Review


Definition and scale of sector

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

Food and Drink Sector review from Asia invest

The head of the Pepsi Cola Company described Pakistan as "the best kept secret", with reference to the business environment for the food and beverage industry. Pepsi Cola, with a 70% market share achieved a seven month pay back on its concentrate production plant.

Agriculture is the key sector of Pakistan's economy, contributing around 25% to the GDP. The agriculture sector is dominated by the Crops sub-sector with a share of 60% (major crops 41% and minor crops 19%), followed by the Livestock sub-sector with a share of 36%, Fishery with a share of 3.5% and Forestry with a share of 0.5%

Food and Drink Sector review from FCO Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of 146.5 million population with per capita income of US$ 652 (2003-2004) and GDP of US$ 94.8 billion (2003-2004). Bilateral trade between UK and Pakistan is around US$ 1731.97 million. UK is the 5th largest exporter and 2nd largest investor in Pakistan among OECD countries.

Many up-scale supermarkets in major cities particularly in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad show a range of imported food products. The number of imported food products is constantly increasing and this presents many opportunities for UK suppliers. The quality of UK Food products is perceived as very good, however, only a limited range of products is currently available (e.g. Cereals, chocolates, honey, cheese, and canned juices etc), but there is potential to increase.

Statistics for the size of Pakistan's market for processed foods are unavailable. The food and its allied products industry, however, is considered Pakistan's largest industry, and is believed to account for 27% of its value-added production, and 16% of the total employment by the manufacturing sector.

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