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Environmental Sector Reviews


Definition and scale of sector

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

Agriculture Sector review from BOI Sri Lanka

Potential areas for investment includes supply of inputs, development of physical infrastructure, transfer of technology and provision of support services in particular and agriculture in general.

Supply of Inputs

The Mining and Processing Sector in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well-endowed with minerals and these form an important export category. For example, the local graphite is of premium quality and offers many processing opportunities in graphite lubricants, flake graphite, carbon brushes, refractory bricks and midget electrodes.

Other minerals include heavy metal minerals, sand, clays, dolomite and apatite. The mineral sands contain around 75% titanium dioxide-the opaque white pigment used in paints. Traditionally, these have been exported in processed form.

The presence of quartz, ball clay, silica and feldspar offer opportunities in the ceramic and glass industries. Sri Lanka has about 75% of the raw material required to manufacture such products. The country's porcelain is ranked among the best in the world.

Large deposits of phosphate are also available for the manufacture of fertilizers.

Source: Board of Investment Sri Lanka

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