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Screen Image and Sound Sector (New Media) Reviews


Definition and scale of sector

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

Music Sector Review from UKTI

Encapsulating the various features of the Indian music industry, this report attempts to present a summary of the industry. For ease of reading, this Sector in Market Summary for India is delivered in a two- part format.

Part I - The Indian Music Industry seeks to present a snapshot of the sector, its unique structure, the issues facing and the general outlook for the industry.

Part II- Sector in Market Summary addresses the specific terms of reference drawn up by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and UK Trade & Investment in consultation with the UK Music industry

Creative and Media Sector Review from UKTI

Creative and Media Industry in India

The reported size of the creative and media industry in India was over 4.46 billion in FY 2004-2005; it grew at around 18 %. The revenue split of various segments is as follows:

These industries offer a large business opportunity in terms of equipment sales, knowledge and technology transfer, marketing and distribution arrangements, project management and consulting, software development, and others.

100% foreign direct investments are possible in almost all areas of this sector except print media , DTH and radio broadcasting where there is a current restriction of 26% and 20% respectively. Leading chambers of commerce have identified this sector as a fast-growth sector and have drawn up strategic plans for its growth and development. In addition, the Indian film, music and TV industry are actively attempting to strengthen and expand their overseas markets, and seek joint ventures and overseas investments.

The attached report gives an overview and characteristics of the creative and media Services sector in India, with details of opportunities

Creative Market in India from IBPN

UK Fact Sheet
India Fact Sheet
Business Opportunities
Cross Border Collaboration


Developing cooperation between the UK and India in the Creative Industries

The creative industries in both the UK and India represent the fastest growing sectors of the economies in the respective countries.

A co-production treaty between UK and India is now in advanced stages of development and the terms will be signed during the PM's visit in October 2005 opening the way for business to business relationships across the creative industries.

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