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High Value Added Consumer Products Sector Reviews


Definition and scale of sector

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

Machine Tooling Sector Review from UKTI


The Indian Machine Tool Sector is displaying a strong upturn fuelled mainly by a buoyant economy, strong domestic demand from the manufacturing sector and an increasing export potential. Indian engineering companies are moving up the value chain by investing in R & D and sourcing technology from global companies. A number of companies are expanding fast to become globally competitive and access global markets. An increasingly open and strong economy and cost advantages are attracting a number of foreign players to the market. Aside traditional export and investment opportunities, foreign companies are looking at collaboration and offshoring opportunities, in both manufacturing and R & D.

Retail Market in India from IBPN

Sector Overview (India)
Fragmented Market
FDI in Retail Sector
Existing Entry options
Obstacles to Retailing in India
Sector Overview (Britain)
Clothing, Footwear & Fashion
Food & Drink

Sector Overview (India)

India is in the midst of a retail boom. India is the most attractive Retail destination according to the 2005 AT Kearney Global Retail Development Index. The retail market in India is worth $330billion and has been growing at around 10% for the last five years. The increasing mobility of the middle and upper middle classes is resulting in ever growing demand for retail goods. With the growing prosperity in these classes and the substantial increase in the disposable income, the nature odf shopping in India is fast changing from need based to lifestyle dictated.

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