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Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

India - Building, Construction and Property Services Sector Report

India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1 billion people and constitutes 16% of the world's population

Indian economy has been growing at rate of between 6-7% per year. Many sectors including pharmaceuticals, IT and telecommunications are thriving stimulated by much needed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In the last decade or so the Government of India (GoI) has opened up FDI in most sectors including the Infrastructure sector and the country has become an increasingly attractive destination for international investors. There is an imminent need for high quality, reliable, construction services and products.

Over the last decade, successive Indian Governments have embarked on massive building activity especially in adding and re-building road networks, highways, ports, airports and metro rail networks in major metros. This trend is expected to continue during the next decade too.

There is a huge need to build commercial buildings in Retail, BPO (business process outsourcing) with specific requirement for high quality project managers, property consultants, architectural & design support. Though India has huge pool of talented, low cost labour, there are specific areas where UK companies can add value especially in providing high value construction and building products, niche construction equipment supply, project management skills, specialist contract services, Project Rating etc.

Large potential exists for UK companies to tie up with Indian companies. The growth in the infrastructure sector is now poised in such a way that major Indian construction companies have their hands full with orders and need help from overseas companies in order to complete and take on more projects in future.

In the recent past overseas companies from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea have shown lot of interest in the Indian market and some of them have set up base in India. UK has a good presence in Indian market with some large players like Scott Wilson, Motts McDonald, Halcrow, Johnson Tiles, Access Floor, Chesterton among others and has a lot of scope for new players to win business in future.

Source: UK Trade and Investment

Building, Construction & Property Services Sector Review from UKTI

The size of the construction industry in India is worth over USD 25 billion (15 billion) and accounts for more than 6% of GDP. It is also the largest employer in the country after agriculture sector, employing approximately 18 million people. This number would be far larger if the numbers employed by industries such as steel and cement were also included.

India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1 billion people and constitutes 16% of the world's population. There has been a significant growth of the urban population over the past decade. For example, there are:

India is also the 7th largest country in the world and the second largest in Asia with a landmass of 3.29 million square km. The need for adequate transport infrastructure is therefore vital. The Indian government has attached a high priority to building and investing in the transport infrastructure sector, particularly in roads, ports, railways and airports.

Retail Market in India from IBPN

Sector Overview (India)
Fragmented Market
FDI in Retail Sector
Existing Entry options
Obstacles to Retailing in India
Sector Overview (Britain)
Clothing, Footwear & Fashion
Food & Drink

Sector Overview (India)

India is in the midst of a retail boom. India is the most attractive Retail destination according to the 2005 AT Kearney Global Retail Development Index. The retail market in India is worth $330billion and has been growing at around 10% for the last five years. The increasing mobility of the middle and upper middle classes is resulting in ever growing demand for retail goods. With the growing prosperity in these classes and the substantial increase in the disposable income, the nature odf shopping in India is fast changing from need based to lifestyle dictated.

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