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Transport Technologies Sector Reviews


Definition and scale of sector

  • Commodity metal and polymer component manufacture,
  • Metal processes/treatments,
  • Electrical/electronic/ mechanical sub systems manufacture,
  • Vehicle manufacture

Why the sector is strong in the West Midlands

  • High concentrations of activity in region centred on volume manufacture of motor vehicles.
  • Opportunities for focusing on higher value added, based on new technologies and in luxury cars, motor sports and materials to improve products and product design.
  • Technologies transfer opportunities between different transport odes and also in use of new materials to lessen environment impact.

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National Highway Sector Project - ADB - September 2007

This Document presents the results and conclusions of the initial environmental examination (IEE) conducted to assess the environmental impacts associated with the improvement of approximately 41km of the existing road connected to Kandy - Mahiyangana - Padiyatalawa or known as A026 highway. located in Kandy district of central province. This IEE report was prepared according to Asian Development Bank (ADB) Environmetal Guidelines, May 2003. The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) under the provision of National Environmental Act amemded by act 56 of 1988 has already approved this subproject based on the information submitted through basic information questionnaire on 20 January 2006

Source: Asian Development Bank (ADB)



Transport Sector Assistance Evaluation - August 2007

This evaluation is part of the Country Assistance Program Evaluation for Sri Lanka. It takes sector context into account and evaluates the strategies and assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the transport sector.1 This evaluation assesses the contribution of ADB to development results in Sri Lanka and identifies development issues and lessons in the sector pertinent to the preparation of the next country partnership strategy. The positioning and performance of ADB's sector strategies and assistance were analyzed. This paper also summarizes key features of Sri Lanka's transport system, taking into account historical changes in the economy and the development of the transport sector. This approach highlights developments in the past, recognizes current situations, and identifies challenges and solutions for the future. Situations discussed herein were updated in March 2007.

Source: Asian Development Bank



Port Sector - September 2006

Sri Lanka, as an island, depends on its seaports for international trading. The country is dependent on imports for most essential goods; hence the Port of Colombo (which is the only container handling port in the country) is a critical lifeline for the nation. The Colombo Port is one of the few deepwater ports in South Asia and is strategically placed along the main shipping routes connecting East and Southeast Asia with Europe and North and South America.

Being close to international navigation lanes, it provides the shortest and most cost-effective deviation from the main shipping routes. Using the advantage of its geographical location Colombo Port has established itself as a premier transhipment hub in the region and provides feeder services between South Asia, the Middle East and East Africa. The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has very ambitious plans to make Colombo the main regional container-shipping hub and a regional Maritime Centre. These are considered by the GOSL as development priorities.

Source: UK Trade and Investment



Partnership Towards A new Sri Lanka - August 2006

The total foreign aid received in 2005 accounted for 17 per cent of the Government expenditure and 60 per cent of the public investments reflecting the important contribution towards the country 's development efforts.

This publication gives an overview of foreign aid utilization, and the initiatives taken by the Government in addressing such challenges to expedite the process of accelerating, growth in Gross Domestic Product in excess of 8 per cent in line with the development strategies articulated in the Mahinda Chintana Vision for a New Sri Lanka.

Source: Department of External Resources, Ministry of Finance and Planning


Sri Lanka Training Needs Assessment for Rural Roads Construction and Maintenance - July 2004

The Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the Road Sector Assistance (RSA) programme was carried out by ILO (International Labour Organization) in collaboration with SLILG (Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance) to identify and plan out the whole process adhered to the above process. The project will be implemented as a pilot exercise in three selected provinces, namely Southern, Uva and North-Central, covering 9 Pradhesiya Sabha (PS) areas, with possible extension to another 6 PS areas.

This document, which is the outcome of the above TNA/RSA exercise of ILO-SLILG collaboration, can be regarded as an important landmark for both short-term and long-term operationalisation of the rural road sector development in Sri Lanka. This report is based on the findings of the TNA carried out in the selected 15 PSs in the 3 provinces.

Source:  Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance and The International Labour Organization in collaboration with the Intermediate Technology Development Group.


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