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Training for ICT Development in Sri Lanka and Tanzania - Department for Infrastructure and Economic Cooperation - March 2003

The institute of international education at Stockholm University accepted a commission to study the development of ICT education in Sweden with the aim to create a model for development in Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) partners countries. the link between Sweden and ICT is a logical one given the country's strong and dynamic information and communication technology sector.  Training institution in most countries have failed to produce the number of ICT technicians and professionals needed to fill the labour market demand of the ICT sector. This skills bottleneck will hamper ICT development in many developing countries. And the solutions is an increase in the quantity and quality of ICT training in countries such as Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Source: Department for Infrastructure and Economic Cooperation



Sri Lanka Information and Communications Technology Industry - Growth of Software Exports - 2003

Sri Lanka has a mulit cultural population with an ambitious development program to regain economic growth and social stability. The per capita inccome which was estimated at US$ 120 in the early 1950s has now reached us$ 900 showing an annual increase of 11%. In 2002 the argricultural sector accounted for about 20% of the gross domestic product (GDP) while the service and industrial sectors constituted 54% and 26% respectively. Sri Lanka is currently heavily dependent on the apparel and tea sectors which are both export oriented industries. In 2000 exports amounted to 40% of GDP and import to 51%.

Source: Growth of Software Exports


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