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Investment Opportunities In Karachi (Volume II) - November 2005

Karachi is now a mega city and is constantly growing so it needs to expand infrastructure and to provide basic necessities not only to business arid industry but to the common man as well. A lot of opportunities exist in various sectors in the city for investors.
According to information gathered, presently, Karachi is functioning without a Master Plan, therefore, needed creation of a potent and capable planning agency with necessary statutory cover.
An attempt was made to make some thing called as a 'Master Plan', but that was grossly inadequate as planning is a continuous process and cannot be packaged into one time assignment.

Source: IAR (Industrial Advisory Reports)




Investment Opportunities in Karachi - (Volume I) - October 2005

The area of Karachi District is 3366 square kilometer and the urban area is 1800 sq. km. The current population is over 14 million, growing at the rate of 4 percent, as against about 2 percent of the country, including natural growth and migration from other provinces.
Karachi is the industrial and commercial hub of Pakistan. It possesses major industrial units of Pakistan. About 33 percent of all motorized vehicles of the country throng its roads and expressways. The nation's two major ports: Karachi Port and Port Mohammed Bin Qasim are located here. Karachi Port, which is the main outlet for international trade of the nation, handles 26 million tons of cargo annually and Port Qasim besides serving Pakistan Steel Mill also handles enormous amount of cargo. Karachi Airport, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, ranks as one of the most important air junctions in Asia.  

Source: IAR (Industrial Advisory Reports)



The Development of Education National Report - Ministry of Education - July 2004

Prgress and Prosperity of a conuntry, lergely depends on the choices of education made available to its people. Indeed, education is one of the most powerful instruments of change. Its importance for achieving national goals through producing young minds inbued with knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies to shape the future desting of the nation has been fully recognized by the government of Pakistan. Although, education is a provincial subject under the 1973 constitutionit has been placed in concurrent list which makes the fedral governmentresponsible for policy, planning and promotion of education facilities in the federating units to meet the needs and aspirations of the people.

Source: Ministry of education Government of Pakistan Islamabad



Pakistan's Law & Justice Sector Reform Experience - Some Lessons - April 2003

This aim of this paper is to illuminate and reflects on one focused and substantial effort to improve this situation. It complements an earlier article outlining the purpose, goals and objectives of the project published at its outset.2 It will review the ongoing experience being gained in Pakistan's Access to Justice reform program with a view to distil lessons learned for the emerging discourse on law and justice development programs. The paper approaches the subject in four parts: history, objectives, progress to date, and lessons learned.

Source: Centre for Judicial Studies



Law And The Nonprofit Sector In Pakistan - December 2002

Over the last decade or more, governments in Pakistan have been faced with a financial crunch. This has also been accompanied by a crisis in governance [HDR, 1999; Pasha, 2000]. These two factors have resulted in a cutting back of expenditures in a wide spectrum of public services. This in turn has resulted in the resurgence of the private sector in trying to fulfil the gaps caused by the withdrawal or retreat of the public sector.

Source: Social Policy and Development Centre




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