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August 2011

Welfare of all is top priority: President

Expressing optimism about the nation’s future, President Pratibha Devisingh Patil in her Address to the Nation on the eve of the 65th Independence Day said India’s economy was performing well and the country was committed to the welfare of all within the ambit of an inclusive growth agenda.

Text of the President's Address:

“ As I speak to you on the eve of our 65th Independence Day, I extend my warmest greetings to all of you living in India and overseas. To the members of our armed forces and para-military forces who guard our frontiers, and our internal security forces, I extend special greetings.

This significant day in our nation’s calendar takes us back to the events that made our country a free nation. It is to Mahatma Gandhi — the father of our nation, to all the other leaders of our freedom movement, and to the millions of people of our country, who fought with bravery and courage, that we pay homage. Our independence was won on the principles of truth and non-violence. It is this, as well as the transformational impact it had in other parts of the world, that makes our freedom
struggle exceptional. In Asia and in Africa, voices of freedom against oppression and colonial powers, were encouraged by India’s example. We can be proud that we all belong to a country that has proved its greatness through values, which have found such a wide resonance. We, as the inheritors of that great legacy, carry a responsibility to stand by truth and justice; to continue to conduct ourselves, in a manner that is
in consonance, with India’s standing as a progressive and responsible country, where values of democracy, harmony and tolerance are deeply embedded.

Today, our nation stands at a threshold. There are important issues on which we must focus, and as we do so, keep in mind that these are times, when
we should also be on our guard about not straying away from our main objective, of strengthening the nation in its many aspects. This is a time for introspection, a time to take well thoughtout measures, and to prepare well for the future. There have been occasions earlier, when confronted with many questions,we did find answers. The real strength of a nation is judged not by the challenges it faces, but by its responses. Therefore, as we analyse, make policies, legislate, implement schemes and enforce laws, we must not forget that the purpose of all our efforts is to move on the path of progress while ensuring that morals and ethics in our society do not get eroded.

India is the world’s largest democracy. The country has performed well economically with a growth rate of 8.6 percent last year. We are committed to the welfare of all and are pursuing an inclusive growth agenda. There is much promise, much potential, much hope and much optimism about our future prospects. I point this out so that, as we deal with the challenges, we should not be unmindful of either our achievements; or of our past; or the principles
on which our freedom, constitution and democracy rest; or very importantly, of our future. Our actions today, our decisions today, will fashion our tomorrow. A deep sense of responsibility is a call of our times.

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Consensus is vital: Prime Minister

While congratulating the country on work done, especially in the last seven years, for the welfare of the weaker sections of society, Prime Minister
Dr. Manmohan Singh, in his Address to the Nation on the 65th Independence Day, however, observed that much needed to be done on many fronts to remove inequalities from society.

I have been addressing you from the historic Red Fort for the last seven years. In these seven years, our country has achieved much. During this period, we have travelled rapidly on the path of development and have seen success in many areas. However, I am also well aware that a lot remains to be done. We have to banish poverty and illiteracy from our country

We have to provide the common man with access to improved health services. We have to provide employment opportunities to each one of our youth. The road ahead is long and arduous. Particularly, the prevailing situation both inside and outside the country is such that if we do not act with understanding and restraint, our security and prosperity can get adversely affected

The world economy is slowing down. The developed countries, especially America and countries of Western Europe, are facing economic problems. There is unrest in many Arab countries
of the Middle East.

There are some people who want to create disturbances in the country so that our progress gets stalled. All this can have a negative impact on us. But we will not let this happen. I know that if we work together, we can face any challenge.

However, it is necessary that we rise above personal or political interests and build consensus on issues of vital national importance.

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I-Day celebrated
at India House

he 65th Independence Day of India was celebrated with traditional enthusiasm at India House, in London, on August 15. The acting High Commissioner Rajesh N. Prasad hoisted the Tricolour followed by singing of the National Anthem. The Address to the Nation by President Pratibha Devisingh Patil on the eve of the Independence Day was read out on the occasion. More than 200 people attended the function, including High Commission officers and their families.

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