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Tourism & Leisure Sector Review


Definition and scale of sector

  • Attractions, accommodation,
  • Catering,
  • Public realm management,
  • Information services,
  • Intermediary services,
  • Catering, supplies,
  • Leisure goods,
  • Presentational arts

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

  • Significant employment growth potential - although highly concentrated in certain parts of the region around specific types of product.
  • Potential for expansion of heritage-related, business and sports-related tourism.

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Bangladesh: 2008 Travel & Tourism Economic Research - December 2008

Measurement of that importance is best achieved through the construction of Travel & Tourism Satellite Accounts, analogous to the national income accounts routinely published by government statistical offices worldwide. The 2008 Tourism Satellite Accounting research - sponsored by Accenture and produced by Oxford Economics - constructs such accounts for 176 countries and follows the standardised United Nations' methodology for measurement of Travel & Tourism's economic impact on personal consumption, business spending, capital investment, government expenditures, exports and imports, culminating in quantification of the contribution to gross domestic product and employment.
Globally, this research shows that Travel & Tourism currently employs nearly 240 million people and creates 10% of world GDP. Recent years have seen rapid growth in Travel & Tourism and last year was no exception, with the broad-based expansion continuing. International tourist arrivals surged again, reaching nearly 900 million, and visitor spending more than matched that growth. New destinations are emerging as investment in fresh facilities continues and overseas travel is becoming both a feasible and an affordable choice for an increasing proportion of the world's population.

Source: World Travel and Tourism Council



Climbing To New Heights - The 2006 Travel and Tourism Economic Research - February 2006

In Bangladesh, in 2006, Travel & Tourism is expected to post BDT213.6 bn (US$3,210.9 mn) of economic activity (Total Demand), growing to BDT599.4 bn (US$7,009.5 mn) by 2016

Bangladesh's Travel & Tourism Industry is expected to contribute 1.5% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2006 (BDT62.8 bn or US$944.7 mn), rising in nominal terms to BDT174.9 bn or US$2,044.9 mn (1.5% of total) by 2016. The T&T Economy contribution (percent of total) should decline from 3.7% (BDT156.3 bn or US$2,350.2 mn) to 3.7% (BDT422.2 bn or US$4,938.1 mn) in this same period.

Source: World Travel and Tourism Council



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